Las rutas del narcotráfico

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  1. manuel angulo dice:

    a gran escala el narcoterror genera problemas ecumenicos, ahora quiciera saber que genera el rompimiento de las estructuras del estado a nivel internacional, con la influencia de la polarizacion polit

  2. manuel angulo dice:

    por otra parte, la caida del muro del berlin que proyeccion tiene en el auge de china como potencia mundial

  3. manuel angulo dice:

    por que parte de la tesis que USA va a sufir una desaceleracion economica, debido al surgimiento de china en materia economica, una variable las herramientas productivas de china, por ser el mayor

    • That August pic is THE BEST! Thank you for sharing…and for those thoughts about events in Connecticut last week. My son is 8, almost 9, and I choose to tell him/talk about it over the weekend before he went back to school because I wanted him to hear it from me first. The best we can do for our kids…and us…is to give them our presence–be in the moment with them. To let them know they are cherished & loved and we do everything possible to keep them safe.Many blessings to you, the girls and your man over the holidays!

    • http://www./ dice:

      It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

    • S’il s’avère que free ne veut effectivement pas désactiver les messageries, ce serait pour moi un inconvénient tel que je fermerais la ligne, au bout d’un mois…!!!

    • Herzlichen Glückwunsch & willkommen Freu' mich tierisch für euch. Die Kleine ist echt eine Hübsche und kann man ja wohl nur knuddeln und lieb' haben Ich wünsch euch ruhige Nächte, eine aufregende Zeit und alles Gute für Kiara und deine Family. *kussi*

    • http://www./ dice:

      I didn't 'jump' on anything. I merely pointed out problematic language which is part of my job as a mod. Politely pointing out a word is not allowed is frequently done on this site and not really all that extreme of an action. Sometimes mods miss things, that's why there's a report button. If you have an issue with anything in a comment in future just click report and the mods will be notified by email.

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      It looks to me that this website doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the same issue? I like this webpage and dont want to have to skip it when Im gone from my computer.

  4. manuel angulo dice:

    china es el mayor productor de manufactura del mundo, esto quiere decir que ahora tiene la fuerza de ser un potente mostro financiero, incluso prestamista mundial de divisas…

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